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Vitiligo: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention

Out of the many existing skin disorders, vitiligo tends to be among the most embarrassing. This is because the disorder changes the entire appearance of your skin by introducing bright (white) patches selectively.

Vitiligo_Causes_Symptoms_Prevention_healthproblemsolution.com_01There are cases where the effect may be concentrated on the face while in other cases the effect may be more on the other body parts. At times, the disorder may strike when least expected while in other cases the disorder may develop gradually. Either way, it is important to understand all the concepts with regard to Vitiligo.


Scientific studies indicate that there are a number of factors that can in one way or the other lead to development of vitiligo. However, despite the fact that there are several possible triggers, studies have not yet confirmed fully what is the real cause of vitiligo. It is important, though, to understand the possible triggers. Some of them include:

  • Genetics- There are allegations that genetic oxidative Stress can lead to development of vitiligo. This is usually due to imbalance in the same. The disorder may therefore be passed from one generation to another.
  • Stress- Believe it or not. Stress leads to development of Vitiligo. It is not known how stress brings about the ailment, but it is believed that stress causes imbalance in essential skin hormones.
  • Melanin Deficiency- Melanin still stands as one of the most important skin constituents. Deficiency in the same may lead to vitiligo.
  • Virus- There is a certain type of virus considered a threat to the skin. Such a virus can lead to development of vitiligo.
  • UV Rays- Harsh ultra violet rays may threaten the health of your skin hence triggering vitiligo.


These are the indicators that show the possibility of developing vitiligo sooner or later. Such symptoms should be taken seriously and controlled before aggravation. They include:

  • Skin Itchiness- Victims may complain of selective skin itchiness. This may gradually aggravate.
  • Skin Dryness- If you have a wet skin, you might realize gradual dryness. This is a red flag and an indicator of possible vitiligo.
  • Tiny Brighter Spots- Vitiligo basically starts as tiny spots in different parts of the skin. This may gradually grow and cover even larger parts.
  • Headache- Although this may be a little far from skin relation, it is seen as one of the symptoms. Most victims of vitiligo can confirm that they first experienced occasional headaches before meeting their fate.


The good thing is that you can do something to prevent vitiligo from hitting you. There are some strategies considered very effective in prevention of vitiligo and they include:

  • Avoid Food Pollution- Some of the foods that we consume come with chemicals that are very harmful to the skin. You must therefore do all it takes to avoid such foods.
  • Avoid Stress- Optimistic emotions are always considered best since they play a great role in controlling and preventing development of vitiligo.

Balanced Diet- Nutrients are very important to the skin, though when balanced. You should therefore ensure that your diet is always balanced.

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