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Types of Meat That Cause Cancer According To WHO

After a long research, The World Health Organization has brought out a report, or rather a warning, that meat is one of the main triggers of cancer. This is something that, of course, was not expected by most people. The World Health organization argues that any type of processed meat can in one way or the other contribute to cancer.

meat_causes_cancerHowever, the report did not only point at processed meat alone. Red meat that has not necessarily been processed is also a potential trigger of the deadly disease. As such, people have been urged to avoid any product that has traces of processed meat and also red meat itself. Although a lot of criticism against the report is bound to come forth, it is only best to play safe by avoiding the acclaimed products. After all, W.H.O is a global organization that heavily relies on professional research before releasing any report.

Among the processed meat products that you should avoid include:

Fried Sausages

These are just but the regular sausages that you know. Considering that sausages feature almost 90% of meat (beef or bacon), it is considered as one of the processed meat products and therefore a potential cancer trigger.


Although Kebab features a balance of both flour and meat, it is still among the processed meat products. Actually, there are some close similarities that kebabs share with sausages. The kind of threat that Kebab carries with regard to cancer is the same as that of sausages.


In this case, Bacon is categorized as a red meat. It is therefore directly linked with triggering of cancer. All products that are made from bacon bear equal risk and therefore must be avoided.

Preserved Beef

Most people may think that preserved beef is not the same as processed meat. For your information, the two are the same thing. Raw beef turns processed the moment that preservatives are added to it. Actually, The World Health Organization argues that raw beef, whether processed or not, bears a higher risk.

Chicken Nuggets

It is also a perfect example of processed meat, although it is in the white meat category. World Health Organization was rather general and that is why they stated that all types of processed meat can amount to cancer. Chicken Nuggets are not in any way an exceptional and that is why consumers should expect the same threat as in the case of other processed meats.

Dried Meat Strips

This is basically meat that has been processed to form dried strips. It is actually 100% meat. In this regard, Dried Meat Strips is considered as a big threat to consumers since it can trigger the development of cancer.


The above-mentioned products are just but a few. The truth is that there is a wide range of products that can be considered as processed meat. Based on the report released by W.H.O, most people that die of cancer are lovers of processed meat. You should therefore take the initiative of avoiding the said products in order to narrow down the chance of suffering from cancer.

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