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The Biggest Lies About Diabetes

Much has been said about diabetes, including outright lies. One wonders…when did every other person in the world become a medical specialist particularly in matters to do with diabetes? Now, it is absolutely important to know what is right and wrong about diabetes. This is because you might end up being misled or even in trouble simply because you got the wrong information.

diabetes-facts-mythsThe best way to avoid wrong information about diabetes is by consulting professional medial specialists only. Any other person out there should be disregarded and rendered not best to offer counsel regarding diabetes.

Here are among the main lies about diabetes transpiring even today:

Obesity Leads To Diabetes

This is totally misleading. There is absolutely no connection between obesity and diabetes. Any person who claims that there is the risk of getting diabetes as weight increases is very wrong. The risk factors of diabetes include improper dieting, family history and others. However, high weight has never been regarded as a risk factor for diabetes.

Sugar Intake Causes Diabetes

Let’s first agree on one thing…the other name for diabetes is Sugar Disease. However, this does not mean that the same disease is caused by high intake of sugars as its name goes. Far from it, diabetes comes as a result of complete failure of the pancreas to produce insulin. Note that insulin is the hormone responsible for regulation of glucose in the body. Any failure in production of insulin means diabetes.

Diabetes Is A Terminal Disease

Far from it, diabetes is fully under your control. In fact, there are people who have lived with diabetes for decades and end up dying of a totally different ailment. In other words, diabetes is not terminal, as most people perceive. Arguably, when the disease is realized early enough, there is the possibility of eradicating it completely. The bottom line is that diabetes can be contained and controlled hence rendering it a non-terminal disease.

Injecting Insulin Is Painful

Most people may not believe that injecting insulin is not painful. In fact, most people fear injections. But you know what? Injecting insulin is not really painful. However, this is only if the right injection technique is used. Any person who has been injecting insulin can confirm that it is not painful. Just a sting-like feeling and that’s all. If you fear injections, at least not that of insulin.

Insulin Will Harm You

This may be the weirdest myth about diabetes you might come across. Now, tell me, how can insulin be dangerous yet it is the one you are short off in the body? Does that add up really? The answer is NO! Insulin is not dangerous neither can it harm you. Only if it has been mixed with toxic materials that it can be harmful. Otherwise, insulin is extracted from humans hence it cannot be dangerous.


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