It Was A Slap In The Face For Me, Over 14 Years I Counldn't Develop The Confidence To Talk To A Lady Due To My Small Penis Size...

"Get Rid Of Your Shame; Increase Your Penis Size By 5 Inch Longer Guaranteed Without Surgery In 2 - 4 Weeks. Give That Perfect Sex Life With Pleasure To Your Partner"

You Too Can Put a Stop To Your Shamed And Be A Real Man Like I Did 6 Months Ago After Discovering The Perfect Solution Which Grow My Penis Size 4 Inch Longer And Cure My Weak / Premature Ejaculation...

My True Life Story...

My name is Olayinka Adekunle, a 35 years old Marriage Counsellor. I used to hear people talk about a ‘slap in the face’ and I took things literally. However, my perception to the phrase did not take long before things started falling in place. To me, a ‘slap in the face’ came right after I got married. I always heard people say that having a large penis and the best erection capacity is the key to satisfying a woman in bed. Out of my naivety, I snubbed everything that my friends said, yet I knew so well that my penis was not large and that I had poor erection capacity.

  The worst nightmare came to me after my nuptials during my first night with her. I must say that I have never suffered such an embarrassment before. With all my sexual excitement, I thought that I would perform best with her. I thought I would make her tour the heavenly arena for once through the best sex that I supposedly could have offered. But NO! This never came to pass. I performed so badly that she could not hide it. My erection was so weak, my penis never met her size preference and my ejaculation came prematurely. Truly speaking, this is the last thing that any woman would expect from a man.

All through the other part of the honeymoon, I had to avoid sex like a dangerous plague. A lot of guilt ate me up such that I could hardly look her into the face. The least I could do is sneak out and hang out with my best friend.  They say that a friend is the best thing you can have, and I can attest to that. My close buddy could not help but see that I was in some sought of agony. I had no choice other than to open up to him about my sexual troubles. Little did I know that he was once in my situation but eventually got the ultimate solution.

The Breakthrough That Turns Out To Be The Perfect Solution...

‘"Handsome Up" and ‘"Revive" are the first two words that he altered to me. I was still confused on what he meant until he made further explanation. He told me that the two products have done wonders in his life. He explained how he managed to enlarge his penis with the help of Handsome Up. He also told me how he was able to improve his erection and achieve mature ejaculation with the help of Revive. You can only imagine. My desperation compelled me to try the products right away. I simply couldn’t wait for dawn in order to order for the products.

Some Hard Truth Benefits of Using Revive and Handsome Up:

  • Revive as the name goes do revive your body systems and makes your sexual life active.
  • With Handsome Up, your penis tends to grow an extra 4-5 inch longer between 2 - 4 weeks.
  • Revive and Handsome up gives you full control over your erection.
  • With Revive, you get firm and lasting erection.
  • Handsome Up develop your penis to a ticker form withiut any negative effect or surgery

The Amazing Changes and Result!

Believe it or not! It took me a month of using Handsome Up to register remarkable results. My penis length and girth grew remarkably. I was actually tempted to think that some witchcraft was used in the products, but NO! It is simply perfection in its best definition.  

As if it was not enough, Revive on the other hand worked miracles. The short-lived sexual span that I experienced during my honeymoon was gone, this time for good.

Can you believe it that my wife is no longer sad and mad with my performance in bed? Although she did not admit it initially, I could simply tell that she was not satisfied with my earlier sexual performance. Now she cannot help but show a smile and conviction after giving her the best intimacy.

How Can You Further Help Me In Curing My Situation?

I have gotten both the Revive Premature Ejaculation Killer and Handsome Up Penis Enlargement Pump in stock for people still suffering from this menace which i was once a victim. 

Revive Premature Ejaculation Killer cost N17,500 while the Handsome Up Penis Enlargement goes for N13,500.

We are pleased to offer you N5,000 discount if you are buying both product together thereby paying N25,000 instead of N31,000.

I guess you do not have to be told that Handsome Up and Revive is the ultimate solution to your troubles. Just order yours now and be ready for the best change in life. You might share a better story than mine.

How To Place Your Order!

Option 1: Pay On Delivery (Lagos & Abuja Only)

We offers pay on delivery to Lagos and Abuja residents for now; that is if you resides within Lagos or Abuja, we ship to your location and collect payment on delivery.

Option 2: Bank Deposit / Transfer (All States)



ACCOUNT NO: 0109126697

Make bank deposit or online banking transfer to the above company's account;

Option 3: Online Payment (ATM/Debit card)

Pay with your ATM / debit card right from the comfort of your home or office.


After successful payment, you must provide us your shipping info (including those opting in for pay on delivery within Lagos and Abuja) using the format below either by email to or SMS to 07039505032 for us to process and ship your order. 

Send us your info using the format below;

1 Full_Name
2 Delivery_Address (Full address including local govt area for easy traceable by courier)
3 Phone_Number
4. Product ordered (i.e Handsome up / Revive or both)


We process and ship your order via FEDEX / Tranex after payment confirmation who delivers to you at your specified address within 24-48hrs.


 Emmynet Ventures

Suite 298, Block A2-9, Sura Shopping Complex, Simpson Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

CALL 07039505032 FOR INFO

Offer A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

If you did not achieve your desired result in 4 weeks, we send your full refund and you get to keep products. NO RISK!

Or If you think that our product is useless for you on seeing it, simply don't pay a kobo. No Question Asked!

Olayinka Adekunle

Health Problem Solution

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