Cancer: Types, Causes, Prevention, and Treatment


Cancer still tops the list of the world largest killers. Arguably, cancer is far much worse than tragic accidents. The worst part is that no one knows the most ideal way of treating and eradicating cancer completely. However, there is a way that you can reduce your chances of suffering …

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Fibroids: Types, Causes, Prevention and Treatment


Among the many ailments that most women undergo, fibroids is ranked as one of the worst. Quite a good number of women have turned barren while others even lose their lives after fibroids hits them hard. As a woman, it is very important to understand everything that has to do …

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5 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

young teenager drinking water after exercise.

Regular consumption of water is something that has always been echoed by medical practitioners. It is just a pity that most people do not heed to the advise of medical practitioners. Instead, they opt to consume less or no water. All medical studies indicate that water is very vital for …

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Typhoid Fever: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Typhoid Fever

Typhoid Fever is one of the conditions that come as a result of an infection caused by Salmonella Typhi and also Salmonella Paratyphi. It is more like Typhoid only that it is accompanied by fever. The environmental exposure subjected to the body determines if you will be infected with Typhoid …

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Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment of Malaria


Out of the millions of deaths counted across the world each year, a considerable percentage of it is attributed to malaria. Actually, some countries across the globe have already categorized malaria as a national disaster. It is a disaster in the sense that the number of lives it claims is …

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10 Foods that Won’t Make You to Lose Belly Fat

[FILE] A stock photograph detailing the midsection or belly an unidentified obese woman.

Are you wondering what you can do to make your belly diminish and eventually go flat? Well, it is pretty understandable that so many people have been fighting all their lives to bring down their bellies. The problem is that despite the great worries, most people keep taking wrong foods …

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