Tips On Eating Right For Good Health

Eating Right

The gospel continues the more. You must have heard a million times that eating right is the secret behind good health. I don’t know what is usually wrong with most people. Despite being warned about wrong eating habits, most of them still stick to the practice. This explains why a …

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The Biggest Lies About Diabetes


Much has been said about diabetes, including outright lies. One wonders…when did every other person in the world become a medical specialist particularly in matters to do with diabetes? Now, it is absolutely important to know what is right and wrong about diabetes. This is because you might end up …

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Breast Cancer: Risk Factors, Symptoms, and Prevention


It is quite unfortunate that we have lost millions of women and men to breast cancer. Today, cancer has been marked as one of the most threatening diseases there is. The risk is still high. However, there have been a lot of campaigns against cancer and we must acknowledge that …

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The Importance of Immune Boosters


In as much as we trust the natural immune system, the body at times requires some boosters. Taking immune boosters is something very important, though undervalued by many. This is where you take a particular medication that has the capacity to make your immune system better and stronger. Needless to …

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Diabetes: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment


If most people are asked, they would say that diabetes is an ailment that is only associated with the elderly. On the contrary, any person is vulnerable to diabetes. It is very important to ensure that you undergo occasional screening in medical facilities to ensure that you are very safe. …

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Best and Effective Treatment for Malaria

Qinghao Capsule

The World Health Organization recently confirmed that Malaria is one of the diseases that claim the most lives annually. Particularly, children tend to be vulnerable to the disease than grownups. This is simply because the immune system of children is very weak to handle the infection of Malaria virus. Professional …

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Health Benefits of Eating Fruits


Fruits are good. Ooh yes they are! Most people however take fruits without knowing the kind of benefits they attract to themselves. Others do not take fruits altogether simply because they have no revelation of their importance. It is absolutely necessary to understand some of the benefits that come with …

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