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Best and Effective Treatment for Malaria

The World Health Organization recently confirmed that Malaria is one of the diseases that claim the most lives annually. Particularly, children tend to be vulnerable to the disease than grownups. This is simply because the immune system of children is very weak to handle the infection of Malaria virus.

Professional health bodies advise people to take the necessary measures to ensure that they live in an environment that if free from malaria. There are so many things that can be done to ensure that.

Before we discuss some of the malaria prevention strategies, a close look at causes and symptoms will help:


There is only one cause of malaria. A female mosquito, known as anopheles, is usually responsible for the spread of malaria. The specific mosquito carries the virus and one becomes a victim of the disease after a bite.

The female anopheles mosquito thrives well in hot places. It may also be found in areas with stagnant water and bushes. The mosquito is known to attack better during the night.


Just like any other ailment, there are some things that communicate possible malaria infections. In case you feel or notice such symptoms, it is imperative to seek the necessary help from a doctor. When malaria is detected early enough, it becomes easy to take control.

Among the symptoms that indicate possible malaria include:

  • High Fever- Sometimes the fever may rise too high and turn into convulsions (especially in children).
  • Nausea- Some may say that they feel like throwing up. The feeling may be rather frequent.
  • Muscle pain- Contraction of muscles leads to pain. It is an indication that you could be a victim of malaria.
  • Bloody stool- Stains of blood may be seen on your stool once in a while.
  • Diarrhea- malaria may trigger high loss of water in the body through diarrhea.
  • Profuse sweating
  • Fainting


One of the most important things you can do about Malaria is preventing it. Simply implementing strategies that can eventually disable the spread of that virus is what you should aim at. One thing for sure is that prevention of malaria is far much easy that treating the same. Among the prevention strategies include:

  • Sleeping Under Mosquito NetsYou must make sure that the net you sleep under is properly sealed and with no perforations. You also must ensure that the net is treated with the necessary agents.
  • Draining Stagnant Water- That pool of water close to your house could be a threat. You can prevent malaria by releasing stagnant water.
  • Clearing of Shrubs- Thickets and small weeds within your neighborhood are enough to harbor the female anopheles mosquito. To prevent possible malaria infection, you can simply clear thickets and bushes close to your house.


It may be unfortunate for you to be infected with malaria. If that is the case, the least you can do is to take the right medication to end the disease. Qinghao Capsule is the most ideal medication for malaria.

Qinghao CapsuleThe drug works effectively for both young and grown people. All you need is to take the recommended dosage of Qinghao Capsule and your malaria will be as good as gone.

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