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Useful Tips / Natural Ways of Curing Bad Breath and Mouth Odour

Nature can be at times strange. We are all created in a manner that a bad breath comes out especially when our mouths are un-kept. Bad breath is often caused by a buildup of bacteria in your mouth that causes inflammation and gives off noxious odours. This is not the best experience for anybody. Actually, most people feel embarrassed when their mouths stink. The great news is that you can end that bad breath for good using natural methods.

Tips-to-Cure-Bad-BreathNatural methods means that you do not have to undergo some sought of operations or therapy in the name of curing bad breath. Only natural substances are consumed in this case to ensure that you do not cover your mouth when speaking to your friends.

Well, let me not keep you waiting. Here are simple yet very effective natural ways of ensuring that your mouth smells better:


Did you know that medical reports have confirmed that a dehydrated person has high chances of producing bad breath than a hydrated one? Oh Yes! It simply means that you have to consume a lot of water every day as a way of fighting bad breath. You must admit that this is the simplest way of controlling bad breath. After all, taking water is just like taking your regular meals everyday. It is advised that you take at least 8 liters daily of water as a way of curbing dehydration.


It is absolutely necessary to note that the gums and tongue are the main culprits in production of bad breath from your mouth. The main reason behind this is zinc deficiency. Gums are considered healthy if they bear ample amount of zinc. In this regard, you need to ensure that you consume natural supplements that bear enough amount of zinc. In case your gums are injured, zinc will always play a vital role in the healing process. The same case applies to tooth decay. Zinc always helps in healing the tooth nerves and preventing further decay. All this adds up to control of bad breath.

Raw Foods

Instead of focusing much on cooked or processed food, it would be better if you incorporated something raw in your diet. It works perfectly well in ensuring that your breath is clean and appealing. Now, you might wonder how possible it is to consume raw food. I can tell you that there are so many things that you can consume in such a state. For instance, vegetable salad, fruits, Garlic, tubers and the likes can be consumed raw. It works all the time in ensuring that you are no longer embarrassed with a bad breath.

Salty Water

This may not be the best therapy for you and it is for one clear reason: salt does not taste great when raw. However, the same sour therapy has a lot to do with the kind of breath you will produce in the future. It takes a very simple gargle of salty water every day to ensure that you have fresh breath now henceforth. It is important to ensure that salt concentration is mild, though. Too much salt may ruin your gums and overall dental health. Make sure that you gargle such water every day.


It takes simple measures to keep your breath fresh. It takes just limited efforts to end that embarrassment. However, you must ensure that you do not put your health at risk in the name of controlling your breath.

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