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Zika Virus: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention

Zika Virus

The latest research indicates that that there is a great outbreak of the Zika Virus. According to the said study, it is pregnant women that are targeted by the virus. Some of the countries in the eastern and western Africa are the most vulnerable according to the latest study. However, …

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Vitiligo: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention


Out of the many existing skin disorders, vitiligo tends to be among the most embarrassing. This is because the disorder changes the entire appearance of your skin by introducing bright (white) patches selectively. There are cases where the effect may be concentrated on the face while in other cases the …

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Lassa Fever: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention


Lassa fever is basically a viral disease. In other words, this is a disease that is passed from one person to another by way of virus. The virus was first discovered in 1969 in Nigeria and since then it has dispersed to other different countries not only in Africa but …

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Acne: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment


Acne is what most people know as pimples. This is one of the ailments that directly affect the skin, particularly the facial parts. It is important to note that acne is not just a usual disease. Some people may consider the ailment as usual while it is not. In most …

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The Biggest Lies About Diabetes


Much has been said about diabetes, including outright lies. One wonders…when did every other person in the world become a medical specialist particularly in matters to do with diabetes? Now, it is absolutely important to know what is right and wrong about diabetes. This is because you might end up …

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The Importance of Immune Boosters


In as much as we trust the natural immune system, the body at times requires some boosters. Taking immune boosters is something very important, though undervalued by many. This is where you take a particular medication that has the capacity to make your immune system better and stronger. Needless to …

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Diabetes: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment


If most people are asked, they would say that diabetes is an ailment that is only associated with the elderly. On the contrary, any person is vulnerable to diabetes. It is very important to ensure that you undergo occasional screening in medical facilities to ensure that you are very safe. …

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