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Breast Cancer: Risk Factors, Symptoms, and Prevention

It is quite unfortunate that we have lost millions of women and men to breast cancer. Today, cancer has been marked as one of the most threatening diseases there is. The risk is still high. However, there have been a lot of campaigns against cancer and we must acknowledge that each one of us has a responsibility. Now, the first thing you should aim at is knowing all about breast cancer. After all, it is through knowledge that we can be able to face the monster.

breast-cancer-cause-of-deathThe key things that you must know include the risk factors, symptoms, and prevention strategies of breast cancer. That way, you will be in a better position to face the challenge.

The Risk Factors

Quite a large number of factors have been identified as potential triggers of breast cancer. Most of them have to do with lifestyle. However, there are those that are directly associated with internal health developments. The prime risk factors in this case include:

  • Genetics- Research has proven beyond doubt that there is a connection between cancer and genetics. This simply means that if one of your immediate relatives was a victim of cancer, then others in the same line stand same chances. However, this is not 100% accurate. Not all relatives in a lineage may get cancer simply because one of them was a victim.
  • Age- Another possible trigger of breast cancer is age. You might have realized that most women get breast cancer when they are approaching their old age. This is because their vulnerability to the disease is high at that age.
  • Cosmetic Surgery- While most people think that cosmetic surgery only makes the breasts look sexier and appealing, the cancer factor is disregarded. Cosmetic surgery tampers with growth of cells in the breasts hence leading to cancer. It would be best if you opted for natural ways of enlarging your breasts instead of taking a cosmetic surgery.


Some signs can be used to communicate possible development of cancer in the breasts. Such signs should and must be taken seriously. This is because cancer can be controlled successfully at its symptom stage. Symptoms include:

  • Nipple Pain- This may be characterized by itchiness and prolonged pain on the nipple. Swelling may also be part of it.
  • Lump- A lump may develop at one side of the breast. If that is noticed, it is absolutely necessary to seek the medical attention.
  • Sudden Growth Of Breasts- You might realize that your breasts are increasing in size at an alarming rate. This is an indication that you may be a victim of cancer.
  • Nipple Discharge- It is not normal for your nipple to produce discharge especially when not provoked.


Some of the things that can be done to reduce cancer risk on your breasts include:

  • Eating right- Only consider taking foods that are very safe and with no capacity to trigger breast cancer.
  • Less Exposure To Radioactive rays
  • Early and timely screening of breast cancer

Avoiding cosmetic surgery

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